Julian Ingram

Julian Ingram is a former professional opera singer who has been involved in tango for a bit more than 15 years and loves it more now than he ever has before. In these 15 years he has become a teacher, a DJ, a dancer, an orchestra leader, a tango singer and researcher.
His love and appreciation is reflected by his insight into what it means to be an all-around tanguero. It is through his work in all these areas that he has found a way to apply them to help us all become the best tangueros possible.

Julian’s background and former career as a professional opera singer make him somewhat of an expert in music. He uses this when DJing festivals and marathons around the world but also each time he gives tango music and history seminars. Of all these areas of tango, it is teaching that brings Julian the most endearing satisfaction. Through teaching he sees the progression from a scared beginner to a confident and eager dancer in only a matter of a few weeks. To see someone develop their own tango language during a course is exactly what teaching tango is about. Julian’s teaching style uses the social dancing of the milonga as the ultimate guide when learning to dance. His practical approach maximises each dancer’s needs while providing many tricks on how to avoid common problems as a beginner. Progressing beyond the beginner stage with Julian means expanding one's vocabulary to include different styles of tango, as well as the sensations of how it feels to move freely between each of them. Tango is a family and learning and dancing together is the bond. Let’s grow together and experience. Let’s feel our embrace as we move. Let’s meet. Let’s love. Let’s dance.