DJ Kaia Hüva

Kaia has her dance and music background from her childhood. She had her first Argentine tango class in 2007 and just some months later the life took her to Buenos Aires. She totally fell in love with tango and during the years it has become a deeper and deeper attachment that takes her repeatedly back to Argentina.

Kaia regularly plays as a DJ at different milongas in Tallinn. Since 2011 she has been a regular and welcomed DJ at the international tango festival Tango Port Tallinn. She has also played music at the “Sacre Milonga” in Paris, at the “Porteno y Bailarin” in Buenos Aires  and the Tango Sun Festival in Jurmala, Latvia. At milongas, she loves to play danceable tangos of the Golden Era, also tangos from earlier and later times, but sometimes she uses shortcuts to contemporary tango orchestras and tango nuevo.                                                
Kaia: “Selecting music pieces at milongas is like preparing good food for body and soul. I can have a recipe, but I always modify it by taking into account the specific appetite of the people with whom I am on that specific day. My food can both be a bit predictable but also includes some surprises. I always pay attention to the harmonious balance between the many different ingredients. …Like an experienced and good chef who knows numerous small secrets to create a perfect feeling. And dancers-eaters can every time feel that this food is made with love.