DJ LaRisa
(Larisa Keinänen

Larisa has been a regular DJ at Minsk (Belarus) milongas since 2013, including her own “Mariposa” milonga. She has also played at international festivals in Istanbul (Istanbul International Tango Festival), Moscow (Milonguero Nights), St. Peterburg (St.Peterburg Tango Marathon). She is the organizer of Minsk Tango Fusion Marathon and co-organizer of Minsk Spring Tango Festival.

She says about herself: “As a professional musician, on the one hand, and as a hostess enjoying having guests in her home, on the other hand, I try to treat tangueros to something delicious and serve the musical treats in the right order allowing to lay emphasis on the taste of every dish. I prefer Golden Age music. I think that even Mozart would have praised the brilliant performance of the orchestras of that period. Sometimes I can fool around, including a tanda or two of the music from the later periods. I also pay attention to cortinas – depending on dancers, venue and time of the milonga. I try to select something special for the guests, something that will not break the general milonga flow, but sustain a certain atmosphere and energy on the dancefloor. It’s important for me to make people dance, embrace and smile a lot at the milonga. If that’s the way it goes – the DJ has got it right! My favorite orchestras change with time, but my beloved D’Arienzo will always remain my all-time passion!