The dance of Maria Filali & Gianpiero Galdi is based on their belief that the meeting between two different personalities and life trajectories complement each other when sustained by shared values, making their tango a constant and rich dialogue since their first collaboration, 2 years ago.
As performers, their main wish is to create moments of deep and shared emotion with the public, providing inspiration and reaching each person in a very personal way. This focus on living the present moment fully leads them to put improvisation at the center of their proposal. By putting their personal emotions, fragilities and skills so fully at the service of the dancing, they believe strongly that the language of tango transcends personal feelings and reaches an artistical expression. Esthetically, their culture of the "here and now" in tango leads them to go from traditional to more contemporary expression and moves.
As teachers, they combine deep study of technical understanding and analysis of core concepts with the use of very concrete tools, to increase sensations and efficiency of movement. Their holistic approach to tango focuses on developing presence and global body-awareness, putting technical precision at the service of creativity, expressivity and musicality.