Orchestra "Tango Vivo"

Ivan Talanin - bandoneón
Anton Semke - violin
Dmitrii Kiselev - piano
Nikita Keher - double bass

Orchestra-quartet "Tango en Vivo" is a close-knit team of professional, charismatic musicians created in 2014 by the talented bandoneónist Ivan Talanin. All orchestra members have completed the best musical educational institutions in Russia. Speaking of the creator of the orchestra, Ivan Talanin, he has been playing the bandoneón since 2008. He has worked with Vladimir Spivakov, Gintaras Rinkevicius, Pavel Kogan Orchestra and others. The geographic span of Ivan’s performances stretches from Argentina to Australia, including all of Europe, as well as in China, Korea, Cuba, Singapore, Israel and the United States.

Same to all 4 members of the Orchestra, their way to success – to the musical Olympus – was paved already in their childhoods, and by now each member has achieved outstanding results in the music industry. Having decided not to dwell on their reached heights, the 4 members together created a unique tango orchestra project, which includes musical instruments, such as the bandoneón, violin, piano and double bass.

Within less than a year, the Orchestra was able to establish itself brilliantly: build their loyal audiences, release the first album titled “El Classico”, and conquer the home of tango – Argentina! Namely, in August 2016, the Orchestra made their first ever trip to Buenos Aires to perform at the biggest, most famous International Tango Festival “Tango BA Festival y Mundial”, following the personal invitation of the organisers. The Orchestra played to the audiences of the most famous milongas, such as “La Viruta”, “La Baldosa”, “Salon Canning”. In parallel, the Orchestra was in the air in the oldest tango radio “La2x4”, and became a huge success at the TV show “Morfi” on the popular Latin American TV channel “Telefe”. The live transmission of the first issue with “Tango en Vivo” collected an incredible amount of feedback, comments and views. Shortly thereafter, the Orchestra received their second invitation to Argentina, followed by a third one, during which the quartet played to the winners of the festival. In 2016, the Orchestra was also involved in the production of Gleb Panfilov's “White Lie" at theatre “Lenkom” with the participation of the People's Artist of the USSR Inna Churikova and the People's Artist of Russia Viktor Rakov.

Furthermore, the Orchestra “Tango en Vivo” has participated in the shows “Una noche de Montmartre”, “Tango Pasion”; been the official orchestra of the most prestigious tango festivals in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Argentina, Singapore, South Korea, China and many European cities. In August 2017, the orchestra will tour in Latin America.

The virtuosity of the musicians of “Tango en Vivo” is what makes their performances unforgettable! The soul, creativity and dedication that the musicians put into every note and tone can be directly felt by their big fans and admirerers in Europe, Asia and Russia, but not only.