DJ Semen (Semeon Kukormin)

Semeon can be called а discovery of 2011. He put music for the first time to help his younger brother (the drummer) to make some money. (Live cortinas at the milonga "Desvan” in Moscow). And in few months he was blessed as a DJ at the DJ-festival "Remolino” in L’vov.

Over the past three years Semen has played music more than 300 times:
    … More than 100 different milongas, from huge festivals to small ones;
    … More than 50 cities;
    … More than 15 countries.

"I love tango music. And I love tango dancers. This is the basis of my DJ'ing!"

"First of all dance for me is a song and I can talk about my feelings through it. I sing in duet with my partner while dancing! Perhaps that’s why instrumental tango sounds far less during my DJ'ing. As a dancer I put music especially for dancers. It is very important for me that people dance because they like the music and want to dance; it’s not because they’ve just come and there’s no choice!"